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AVIF Format

AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) is a recent and powerful image format based on the AV1 video format. It usually offers better compression than JPEG and WebP (see the article AVIF has landed).

If you could use AVIF for the images on your website, they would load significantly faster, consume less bandwidth, and be lighter on resources.

The good news is, AVIF support in browsers is coming fast. Chrome recently introduced support in its desktop version, and Firefox (desktop and mobile) is not far behind.

The main hurdle to use AVIF is not in browsers, but on servers. Since the format is so new, most image manipulation tools like ImageMagick do not support it yet in stable versions. You often have to resort to compiling your own version to enable AVIF support.

Fortunately, Happy Coding did the work for you and created an online service that converts your images to the AVIF format.

It works by sending a simple HTTP GET request with the following structure:


Even better, if you're using Drupal for your website, just install our AVIF module. It takes care of everything, including providing fallback images for browsers which do not support AVIF yet.

Getting access to the service and starting using AVIF is just one click away:


Get access to the AVIF conversion service


If you'd rather host the service yourself, or just chat about web development with a team of experts in Drupal and React, just drop us a line at hello@happycoding.ch.

Stay happy!

AVIF format